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Tambour Beading

Tambour beading is the delicate art of using a tambour hook to apply beads and sequins. The technique is used widely across the fashion world, especially in Haute Couture pieces of the major design houses such as Chanel and Christian Dior.

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Goldwork has long been prized for its dramatic finish and the way that light reflects from it. Historically used by the church for their ecclesiastic vestments and ceremonial robes as well as royalty throughout the ages.

Goldwork was also adopted by the military to adorn dress uniforms and for banners, crests and badges.

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Silk Shading

Silk Shading, also known as peinture a l’aiguille (painting with a needle), is a beautiful technique used to produce a shading of colour with different shades of thread to create intricate designs and textures.

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Learn how to customise your items with this beginner monogramming class. Monograms are very delicate and precise and add a personal touch. They have been used throughout British history for thousands of years to personalise garments.

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Goldwork and Tambour Beading combined class

This Goldwork and Tambour Beading class gives the opportunity to combine two renowned embroidery techniques.

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Private Tuition

A truly open offering, allowing for one to one tuition to learn any technique using a design of your choice whenever you would like.

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