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How do I sign up for a course or an online course?

For the day class, you are enrolled as soon as you complete the booking. You will receive an email one week before the class starts to remind you of the date, time and location.

For the online course when you purchase the course on the website and checkout you will be enrolled for the class. You can access the course on your account.

How do I access my online course?

You can access your course by logging into your account. You will see your courses.

What skill level do I need to take a course?

Our courses have different formats from beginner to advanced. Level 1 is Beginner, level 2 is Intermediate and Level 3 advanced.
Depending on your experience and what you will want from the course you can choose a different level.

The beginner class is designed for someone who have no knowledge of embroidery but some sewing skill is recommended. Level 2 is designed for someone intermediate in the technique being taught (who is a beginner in the technique) and Level 3 someone who is advanced in the technique taught (who is comfortable with the technique).

If you are not sure which level you are on, you can contact us via the form here or email us at

What content does the course comprise of?

Our online courses are interactive and we want the students to be involved as much as possible:
• Video instructions from Ecole Saint Clare tutors
• PDF resources for print and download
• Ecole Saint Clare facebook group to share your experience with other students or ask questions you may have. The facebook group is called Tambour Beading/ Goldwork by Atelier Saint Clare (our sister company).
• Gallery- plenty of pictures of the step by step process

How many hours do you estimate it will take to complete the online course?

The total hour of videos is 1h00. We recommend that you practise the stitches at different times to reinforce the learning. The techniques will become easier the more you practice.

How long is the Day class?

The day class is usually from 10h30 to 16h30 with a 30min lunch break. You will receive an email one week before the class date to confirm the time and location.

Do I have a period in time with which to complete the online course?

You will have access to the course for 12 months from the Purchase date. This period could be extend another 12 months if necessary and on request. The online course is for you to take in your own time and at your own pace.

Although it’s an online course will I have a tutor to help if I get stuck?

Although this course is an online version of our day class, if you get stuck you can email us or contact us via the form. Our tutors will come back to you within 3 working days.
If the problem is not resolved, we can arrange a video call for limited amount of students. Students are encouraged to ask questions via the form, email or the facebook group.

Will I be submitting my work to ensure I am doing the stitching correctly?

If you would like to be assessed, we can arrange our tutors to access your work. we will give you balanced and constructive feedback.
You can choose to be assessed during the course or at the completion of the class or both.
Email us at with full pictures and your experience and feedback on the course to be assessed. The tutors will aim to come back to you within 5 working days.

Do the course videos have subtitles?

Yes all of our courses have English subtitles.

Does the cost of the course include the kit required to complete course?

For the Online classes:
We designed the courses to be accessible to everyone and made different bundles to meet everyones expectations and needs. Some bundles have the online learning only but others also include a kit. Please review courses for the different bundles and choose the one you desire.

For the Day class all the materials will be included in the class.

Will you provide the kit required to complete the online course or do I have to source it myself?

We created different bundles to suit everyone’s needs. You can purchase the course with the kit or get your own materials and purchase only the online learning. The kit has been designed specially for the course and includes all the materials you will need. Please see the individual courses the different bundles.

What tools will I need and can I purchase these from you?

For every online courses you will need:

  • a seated hoop or a hoop with clamps (to be able to use both hands) or an embroidery
  • twill tape
  • embroidery scissors
  • goldwork scissors (if you purchase a goldwork course)
  • pins
  • a beading or goldwork pad
  • a tambour hook (if you purchase a tambour beading course and the bundle without the
    hook included)

You can source all of the above yourself or some of the equipment are available on our website at

For the day class in Liverpool and Manchester, we provide all the equipment including seated hoops, scissors and pins. You are welcome to bring your own kit if you prefer.

For the London class, we ask the students to bring a seated hoop. We can provide scissors, pins and a small quantity of hoops on request. You are welcome to bring your own if you desire.

What are the delivery options and how long will it take for the kit to arrive?

The kits and equipments are despatched within 3 working days of order receipt. The delivery will depend on the postage option you choose and your location. Please see below the breakdown:

– UK delivery: Royal Mail First class tracked and signed £4.60 (2-3 working days)
– Europe delivery: Royal Mail Europe track and signed £12.50 (within 5 working days)
– International delivery: Royal Mail International Tracked and signed £17.50 (within 15 working days)

Once your order is shipped, you will receive an email with the tracking number. Please note that we experienced some delays on the shipping on Europe and international delivery due to the Covid-19. If you prefer another delivery courier, please do not hesitate to contact us and we can arrange a quote for you. Email us at

Will I get a certificate once I complete the course?

Yes a certificate is available on request for both class the Day class and the online course. Email us at to request your certificate once you complete the course

Can I post some images of my work on the facebook group?

You can post any images of your work on our facebook group. You are also welcome to post any images on other facebook groups or social media as long as you mention us. On social media (Instagram, Facebook, twitter) our official account is Atelier Saint Clare, our sister company.

Please note that we won’t tolerate any inappropriate comments or abuse on our social media pages either directed to us or to the other students. The post will be deleted immediately and the person will be removed from the group.

Will there be further courses in the future?

We are constantly updated our courses. We will be adding Day classes with new dates soon. For the online courses, more courses will be available soon including Tambour Beading Level 2 and Goldwork Level 1 and 2.

You can fill the form or email us at to know when the course will be available.

Alternatively, you can sign up to our newsletter. We will send a newsletter on each courses being release.

How do I contact Ecole Saint Clare?

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or queries. You can contact us on the form here or email us


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