Masterclass: Goldwork Dragonfly dancer – Beginner

Goldwork has long been prized for its dramatic finish and the way that light reflects from it. This Goldwork masterclass will give you the confidence to create a project in your own time.

Historically used by the church for their ecclesiastic vestments and ceremonial robes as well as royalty throughout the ages, Goldwork was also adopted by the military to adorn dress uniforms and for banners, crests and badges.

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Level: Intermediate

Class Description

This class is pitched at a Beginner level student who would like to learn how to make 3D elements and would like to improve their goldwork.

Please note that to achieve a smooth transition into this class some homework are adviced each day after the class.

First day will involve assembling the frame and creating the edge of the 3D wing with the silver wire. The buttonhole stitch will be introduce to stitch over the silver wire.

The pearl purl will be introduce to stitch over the buttonhole stitch during the second day and the gold passing. The glass beads will also be stitch with a chainstitch in a gold metallic thread.

The Swarovski crystals will be applied to complete the 3D wing on the Third day. The felt padding and bump padding will be introduce at this stage. You will also make the antenna with silver wire, gold smooth purl and glass beads.

Day 4 will be used to learn the essing over the padding and around it to create the body.
The loop stitch with gold and silver smooth purl. will also be introduce to to create the tail.

On the final day, the students will finish the loop stitch. The dragonfy will be made as a brooch at this stage.

The aim of the class is to learn the different padding, how to create 3D elements, how to carry out a smooth .essing and how to create the loops.

This class includes a kit with white organza, silver wire, gold metallic madeira thread, gold smooth and rough purls, silver smooth purl, gold passing, very fine pearl purl, felt, bump, brooch attach, Swarovski crystals, black seed beads, gold lined seed beads, bees wax, needles and detailed instructions.

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