Tambour Beading Class

Tambour Beading Class

Tambour beading is the delicate art of using a tambour hook to apply beads and sequins. Learn the technique with our Tambour Beading class for all levels included Beginners. Tambour embroidery is used widely across the fashion world, especially in the Haute Couture pieces of the major design houses. Once mastered, this technique opens up many exciting possibilities when creating unique embroidery pieces.

Tambour beading allows the embroiderer to work on a continuous thread until an area is completed, meaning there is no unnecessary starting and stopping.

The name Tambour is believed to have come from the French word for drum, Tambour, because the fabric is stretched tight in the frame, like the skin of a drum.
Atelier Saint Clare run a number of classes for people to learn Tambour Beading in a relaxed, friendly and supportive environment. Classes are available for beginners, intermediates and advanced. Please see the classes below for more information.


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