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Exquisite rose: Goldwork Kit

Exquisite rose: This piece contains fundamental goldwork techniques, but with intricate gold pearl purl to add depth. The shading brings highlight touches to the design and contrasts with the lighter background.

This kit was inspired by the traditional english rose (exquisite rose). This kit is aimed at someone who has knowledge of embroidery (not necessary goldwork) but would like to improve their skills to get to the next level.

Detailed instructions can be found in each kit and will show you how to work through the design step by step.  Also included are hints and tips for the technique but we welcome your additional questions at

Each kit includes: detailed instructions, gilt pearl purl, gilt smooth purl, gilt bright check purl, pink smooth purl, grey bright check purl, red smooth purl, red bright check purl, anis green smooth purl, green smooth purl, beeswax, different sized needles, white single duchess satin fabric with the artwork already drawn on and one yellow Gutermann bobbin thread. 

Finished piece size is approximately 6.5cm (H)/ 5cm (W)

You will also need: embroidery scissors, an embroidery hoop or a frame, goldwork pad and pins. 

Also a goldwork scissors to cut the purl is recommended but this is optional.

PLEASE NOTE for this design there is the option of a white or a black satin duchess. Please see pictures.

Exquisite rose: Goldwork Kit



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